We build bridges every single day, at work, at school, everywhere you go. Relationships happen every day, and bridges are built so we may travel far and wide amongst our friends and families. Some bridges are made thick and strong, built over long periods of time to ensure a safe passage. While other bridges are made fast and easy to ensure a fast travel to a far destination. These bridges are staples in the make up of our lives, and are important aspects of one’s character.  One may have many bridges, while others may have few, but what is truly important is what you build these bridges with.

I’ve built many bridges, some strong and others weak. Sometimes, my bridges start out weak but I put time and effort into building them into something that will last a long time. Some bridges start out strong, made of the best and most honest material become neglected and decomposed over time if both ends of the bridge forget why they built it in the first place.

Some say it is better to have one strong bridge instead of many weak ones which may not be strong enough to carry the stress of something heavy, like a change in weather. Changes in weather happen all the time, and sometimes we see just how much weather affects the bridge and how time and effort are needed to keep it from burning.

But sometimes they burn, right to the ground, right in front of your very own eyes. Sometimes we think it might be a good idea to seek help from the fire department because your bridge is on fire, but at the same time maybe it was time for that bridge to come down. Maybe the long and difficult way you travel does more harm than good. Maybe the bricks you put time and effort into building just don’t hold up anymore. So we let the bridge burn and we watch it whither away into ashes of a once important and vial aspect of your life.

That bridge was everything to you and it was the very favourite part of your day. When you saw that bridge it made you happy, and the flowers and vines covered it with nature and beauty. But when the vines and flowers are gone and the bridge brings you trouble as you try to cross it, it is maybe time that the bridge be burned.

Sometimes, you need to burn bridges, so you can build stronger ones. Sometimes, you build many bridges, and they may all burn by the end of your life but that’s okay because bridges are meant to further you and not hinder you while you try to get where you are going. Because bridges should hold you up and light the path for where you are headed with strength and beauty. Bridges burn all the time, it’s what you do with the ashes when the fire burns out that is important.


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