It’s quite obvious that everything we do and everything we say is somehow monitored. Whether it’s the traffic camera light or a text sent to a friend, you always leave a trail. You are constantly telling people where you are and where you are going, or where you want to go or where you’ve been. We offer up this information through photos, check-ins, statuses, text messages, phone calls, and even Face time, need I say more? Not only have we dispersed our information throughout all of Facebook, but we’ve become a society that needs everyone to know everything.

We need everyone to know that we’ve lost weight and that we’re damn proud of it. We need people to see what music we’re interested in because it may improve your public image. It’s absolutely necessary that we check-in to ‘cool’ bars on a Wednesday because people will know that we’re hip and have our lives together. I am 1000% a part of this generation, and there is no point in denying it. Although there is a point to talk about it, because sometimes things go too far, and then boom your life starts to change.

Now the point of this is not to put down social media because frankly, I could never live without it. The point is to understand that sometimes, somethings, are better left unsaid. Like the illegal things you did with your friends last weekend, or your honest thoughts about your boss. We laugh at our parents who didn’t have the social media network we do, but lucky for them free speech was actually ‘a thing’. Now it’s expensive. Now, everything you say is analyzed and inspected. It’s not how it used to be where if you had something to say you would just say it, now it’s all about behind the back discussions and the opinion based emojis.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to be careful what you put out there, listen to your mother when she says that maybe you should take that picture down, and i’ll tell you why. Someone is always watching, and you may think that it may do you no harm, but if you have to think about it, leave it off the internet. Leave it off the cellphones, leave it off of your camera album, leave it off of your check-ins and snapchats. I’ve witnessed first hand the loss of jobs to carelessness on a Facebook page or social media account. If you are deciding to participate then you are deciding to represent yourself, you have decided to show people around the world WHO YOU ARE. You have decided that you want to make yourself present in society and that people will think the videos you post are so funny. And they will, they will love it, like it, or hate it and you will get 50+ likes on a video you shared that no one had seen before. But you are also saying something about yourself, even though you aren’t even in the video.

You say something about yourself every time you share something about yourself on the internet. One day your status may say that you’re hungover, and that you stayed out until 3 am, you are also saying you like to party. One day your status may say that you’re always late for work because of the traffic, you are also saying that punctuality is not your strong suit. One day your status may show your distaste within a type of religion, you are also saying that you are capable of hate. One day your status might say anything but just remember that whatever it says represents the person behind the post. The person behind the share, the person behind the like, the person behind the picture, the person behind the biggest mistake of your life. So if there is anything you can take from this, believe me when I say that if you have the slightest inclination that something might offend someone or something leave it where it is.

You never know who is on the other side of the computer, the other side of the tweet, or the other side of the face time. It is so easy to say something wrong while your friend has you on speaker phone, or to send a text to the wrong person. It could mean the end of a job, a friendship, a relationship, an opportunity, or even a life, because there is nothing more devastating than regret. Check your statuses before you post them, because you know how it is, there are no returns for mistakes sold online.


3 thoughts on “how to ruin your life via social media

  1. Love this post. These are things that need to be said over and over again. Many young people simply don’t understand, they’ve never known anything but social media and they have a kind of trust in the world, as if they are invincible, as if nothing could ever go wrong. Some of us are worried about the potential implications of putting too much data out there.

    I sometimes joke, “anything you say can and will be used against you.”


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