I can’t help but notice the new trend that many media platforms, newspapers, and websites are using to gain some attention. In fact, it has come to my attention that these tactics are doing the quite opposite. As I read these lists and become infuriated with it’s “reasons” I look to the comments section to see if anybody shares in those values. I am not alone, and am among the many other people who see through the bullshit too.It seems to be in style to discuss a topic in the form of a top 10 list. Seemingly, it allows for straight to the point articles that take little or no time to read. They even make it easy to just skim through the article and just read the headings, and then we decided if we can relate or not. Generalizations live on these media platforms because nobody wants to have to dig deep and write about things that actually offer knowledge. Because knowledge is of low value in our generation, and knowing whether he is into you or not is the high ticket item.

It is odd that we look to other people to offer us information about our own lives. We all have been guilty of seeing articles titled along the lines of  “Top 10 reasons you’re with the right person” or “Ten signs he’s losing interest”. What is interesting about these articles is that they are generalized. I find it funny that all of a sudden, these authors have found the answers we’ve been looking for since the beginning of time. All of sudden, they become experts and we find ourselves comparing ourselves to other people, relationships, and experiences. Just because something sounds like you doesn’t mean it is you. Money is the motive of many things that we are exposed to and top 10 articles are just the same. Of course, the article sounds exactly like your current situation! Of course there is a guy you’re interested in and the 10 reasons to tell if he’s into you or not have you over the moon, because it sounds just like you! These articles justify what is already known, because of course, it will sell.

What becomes a bother with these articles is that they are not true indicators of whatever they are trying to prove. They funny enough accomplish the opposite, and give you an image of how things are supposed to be, and we all know how its supposed to be… It’s supposed to be candles and rose petals, its supposed to be gifts and exclusive dates, it’s supposed to contact every hour of everyday or he’s just not into you. News flash, it’s not! We are not supposed to know how its supposed to be because there is no one perfect model of relationships or anything to do with social experience. What makes humans so unique is the capacity to be different, to experience different things, to act in different ways, to give your life substance. It is articles like these that sweep the internet with fairy tale ideologies and unrealistic notions. Isn’t that the beauty of dating? finding someone that you can’t quite figure out. Imagine the chaos and heartache that would engulf us if everybody actually listened to those top 10 lists? Imagine finding out that the real reason he didn’t call you was because a family member passed away, and you went off on him because the top 10 list clearly stated it was because of your hair.

I just don’t understand how some people can think that someone else knows them better than themselves. Top 10 lists are shallow and subjective, and offer no insight into your real life. We all panic when we read the articles and think we have to change things so that we score a perfect 10/10 rather than the realistic 6/10. To offer you a valid explanation on my we never score 10 on 10 is because in no way shape or form do these articles have any facts involved! It’s like horoscopes, generalizing traits about people who on any given day may change.

With that said, let me give you one reason to avoid these useless articles. That is to know that everyone is different and nobody has the same experience with everything. What ends up happening is what we deem relatable, becomes unrelated all together. Although they sound like us, remember that it sounds like everybody because it has been written that way. Attempt to stop relating yourself to those articles because they are in no way a reflection of anything remotely real at all.


4 thoughts on “Unrelated

  1. I very much believe you hit a major spot of what is wrong with a lot of our society. But although the method is relatively new, the problem is not. Unlike biblical times, for instance, when very few people were free to choose their mate, people were searching for their savior – and there were plenty of those to go around.


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