As social media becomes more and more prominent in our society nowadays, more job opportunities are being created. With the increase in jobs, the size of the competition also increases. As if making any sort of profit isn’t enough, people strive to make the most. Which I cannot say is a bad thing, if you want to be successful don’t let anybody stop you. But what about when your methods to reach your desired profits are no longer moral? You then get something along the lines of a little something called concentration of media ownership. Well actually it’s a big something with a big guy sitting on bags of money, who is also sitting on your information stream. If he doesn’t like what’s coming down the stream, it’s not going to get to the other side that’s for sure. You have one person with a lot of money, with ownership over many media sources, and handing us a lot jargon that has a favourable side to it. When you start to see the money side much more than the moral side, well that’s when you know you’re in trouble. I guess it’s hard to see your morals behind great big dollar signs.

When I start blogging I had to ask myself if I was going to write content that would get me a lot of hits, or write content that was going to do something more than just generate profit. Sure an extra income would be nice, but would the blog do for me what I was hoping it would? I wanted to help people, I wanted to inspire, I wanted to be real with people, because people appreciate the truth. I had to decide if making money made a difference to the goals I had already set in my mind. I also must  propose a round of applause to the people who write what people want to hear, and do what people want to see, and what generates profits and make your company look superior to others. Your job must be hard man, I mean, it must be difficult to spend hours cutting every angle of a story just to get a different spin. It must be exhausting for companies to keep track of what is to be kept secret and what must be made public.

As a blogger, I had to ask myself if I was going to do it for the money or it do it for what writing has always done for me before I even knew what money was. Which is when I thought that maybe there could be a balance between success and telling the truth. If little ol’ me could find that balance, what was stopping the big guys? Maybe there would be a demographic for people who wanted to read real stories, real news, and real struggles. While major media corporations are running around worrying about what will sound good or not, they are losing sight of the fact that a little truth goes a long way. Gaining the trust of their people may be beneficial in more ways than one. Maybe some people don’t want the truth, maybe some people can’t handle the truth, but I think that the truth would do so much better than what the spinoffs are doing now. Maybe if the powerful all over the world actually had a little faith in their societies to take the truth and do something positive with it, well maybe it would make the difference. Or maybe I am completely wrong, and perhaps the media tycoons know something we don’t, maybe the truth would hurt us much more than we could imagine. I guess the guy with the money knows best. We really have no idea what the truth holds, and unless we do something about it, I guess we never will.


9 thoughts on “make the money or make the difference?

  1. Great point, a lot of media outlets today are all based on ‘fluff’ and stories that feel like gimmicks. Writing something true and inspiring is so much more fulfilling and important. I loved your comments on how hard it must be to sit and write content intended to do the opposite and only gain publicity. So true, must just leave you exhausted and jaded.

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  2. I needed this today.
    I have friends who approach blogging as a publicity stunt and though they do get the kind of attention they need- they never grow as writers, and end up lacking content to write about.


  3. It’s so true and you have stated it so well here. I say write what you love to write about and for the love of writing. Money is just a thing that comes and goes… don’t sell out. But then again, money does make the world go round doesn’t it…


  4. As a fellow blogger, I related to this post on some levels. I’m nowhere near the place I should be if I were to make money off of blogging. Really, what I want is to become a better writer through all the practice and for people to enjoy the story (it’s a fiction bog).
    Anyways, as a book worm when I was a child, the last part of this sentence really hit home for me “As a blogger, I had to ask myself if I was going to do it for the money or it do it for what writing has always done for me before I even knew what money was.”

    Thanks a lot for the post! I’ll follow this with a follow 🙂

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  5. I know I didn’t start my blog for the money, but if it got me some, I wouldn’t complain. I’m quite sure, however, that that’s not going to happen with my reknown, or lack of, to be more specific. It would take a hell of a lot of discipline and time to attract enough readers to consider going pro.


  6. its one of the great conflicts/ debates that we face, especially when nearing the end of college i think… you are right- its all about finding a balance. as a journo i have been faced with ethical/moral decisions frequently, but in the end of the day no one has to live in our heads others than us, and the joy gained from better the world is way more fulfilling than contributing to the dominant ideology! i personally would go insane haha..


  7. This is so good for me to read. There are so many blogs out there that seem so successful – they make me want to sell out soo bad! But I feel like I am incapable of figuring out the process of getting so many readers and affiliates, blah blah blah, because of my own stubbornness in wanting to tell my own stories. I just can’t make my blog into something it’s not. It’s a close extension of myself, I suppose. Way to stay true to your calling. This was so inspiring to me today.


  8. Similar situation is faced in healthcare products as well. What drives me to make products is that there’s someone in the world who needs my product badly to make their life better. And that’s a situation where you actually have power to demand a few extra bucks of profit from that person in need. It all comes does to choosing between your motivation, morals and profit.


  9. Maybe I’m crazy, but i believe there’s a way to get incredible reach with your blog and your words without selling out. If you sell out, even just a little, you’ve robbed yourself of your voice, to an extent. None of us wants that.

    Love that you wrote this. I wrote two ‘sponsored’ posts that weren’t sponsored at all. they were requests from representatives who pretended to take an interest in the blog, and promised a shot at wide-ranging social-media shares by their accounts.

    Neither one happened, so I wound up with posts touting companies that gave me nothing for the space I hold sacred with my readership. Never again. Thank you for this reminder.

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