It’s been 4 years since I began College and now I am in my last semester, finally. Each year I began to feel older and older as the years passed, and the younger got younger with every new freshman. I remember when I just started college and how big of a deal it was to me. I would spend so much time getting ready in the morning that I would have to wake up 1 hour before I had to leave. I would take 15 minutes just to pick an outfit, that suited my mood, the weather, and the current trends we teenagers had to keep up with. I remember thinking how many people there would be at my school and cringing at the thought of not looking good. And of course you had to impress all the boys, because that’s just what girls do right? Now this lasts for about 2 weeks, and then you realize that maybe you rather sleep a little longer than apply fake eyelashes to your beautiful real ones.

Every year on the first day of school, my College is like a fashion show. Students from around Montreal get on their best outfits and head on down to school, hoping to impress everyone. When I started there and I was the freshman it wasn’t so bad, but as the years went on I noticed how much worse each year was getting. You can expect people to look their best on the first day because we all want to make an impression right? For the passed two years it’s as if they are just cloning last years students to make up this years freshman. Β It’s a competition of who can wear it better, and a struggle telling the difference between who is who. And you are correct if you are thinking “first impressions are important” but let me explain to you just how important your impressions will be.

Some girls dress as if they might go for drinks after their 8 am Macroeconomics class, or as they might on a first date. And the makeup, the amount of makeup some of the girls wear, I really don’t know how they do it. Now, I’m not against doing your makeup or wearing nice clothes. You can be educated and look good doing it, but if you are trying to make a fashion statement every time you walk into class you are going to exhaust yourself. Girls should’t feel pressured to wear what everyone else is wearing but each year, it becomes their greatest concern. Not to mention that girls are dating at such a young age, that it has also become a trend. It’s all about finding a boyfriend, and looking “hot”. The minute we threw out those high school uniforms we doomed ourselves forever. Since when did school welcome high heels and short shorts?

We go to school to educate ourselves right? To get a good job, buy ourselves nice things, go on vacations, etc. So why are some of us going to school with the sole intention of impressing people? Why are girls so focused on getting a boyfriend when they should be focused on getting a good education. See the problem is when you dress to impress, you only impress the people who care about your looks. You will only impress the guys who want a quick fling and think that you are hot enough to be it (which you are, but that’s not the point). The point is, if you focus on your education things will drastically change. If you focus on your studies, and participate in class and make it a point to put an effort into school, your impression amongst the boys will be much different. You will impress the guys who also take their education seriously as it is a privilege, not something to be taken for granted. You will impress the guys with ambition, who are looking for a girl who wants to succeed just as much as they do. You will impress the guy who wants to change the world, and is studying to be a doctor, or lawyer, or scientist, not the one playing cards in the cafeteria. You will impress the guy who will look beyond your appearance, and appreciate what is in your brain and not in your bra.

We as girls have to realize that what makes us unique is what makes us so beautiful. The willingness to learn and educate ourselves is what makes us so sexy. Not the bag we carry, or what we wear to school. That’s the look you want to go for, because when it comes to being successful, there is no dress code.


21 thoughts on “student or socialite?

  1. I love how you express yourself and the opinion you have is very rare it seems. Education is part of life and perhaps misplaced in ones agenda when in collage. Hearing you say this makes me think about finding a balance in youth. Lovely blog Btw πŸ™‚


  2. Woah great article. I agree. A guy like me didn’t go to school to “look good”. My moms telling that I need to get new shoes and stuff. I feel like this is a want instead of a necessity. Besides I’m comfortable with my old shoes. Anyway sorry for going of on a tangent. You have a cool blog. I’m glad that you followed me. You’ll be in for a ride.


  3. I can relate with you on every level on this issue, I sometimes wonder why we have to be in class because all I see are girls who could careless about their studies or what the lecturers are teaching, but they care more about their looks, their short bump and cross top; not to even talk of their phones, and the ones who don’t care about all this are seen as losers and unsocial girls. Thanks for sharing and I hope all the girls out their shouting Independent woman will learn that being independent is you believing in yourself and living for yourself rather than thinking how to impress the next guy sitting next to you.


  4. Excellent piece! If I had a daughter, I would give this to her, framed so she can read it everyday! But maybe I will just give it to my students, some of the girls (young medical students) turn up to clinic in the most inappropriate gear!!!

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  5. I think it’s the feeling of being insecure that makes us act in a particular way to..impress others. This insecurity that we may not be accepted by other if we don’t dress the way and behave like others do takes us away our true identity. It’s hard staying away from this disease. All of a sudden all you see around are clones pretending to be the coolest guy or the hottest girl around. It’s pure suffocation moving around such idiots. The ones left behind are the blessed ones, the intellectual ones like you who can see the bigger picture and write about it in the most impressive manner. Not much to worry about..I guess πŸ™‚


  6. I think it’s the feeling of being insecure that makes the freshers act in a particular manner. What it does is take away their true identity, whenever they look to to dress or behave the way others do. It becomes hard for them to stay from this disease. All then you see around are clones pretending to be the coolest guy or the hottest girl around. It is pure suffocation moving around such idiots. The ones left behind are the blessed ones, the intellectual ones like you who can see the bigger picture and write about it in the most genuine way. Not much to worry about then…I guess πŸ™‚

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  8. This post poses a very good point and I must say that you are absolutely right. I say that as one of the guys that prefer the girls who are beautiful without having to show off their body, girls that respect themselves and are intelligent. There is nothing less sexy or beautiful than a girl that shows off everything. Good post! I hope it reaches the right people πŸ˜‰


  9. Huge applause from me! So well stated. I liked your father’s (?) comment at the top. And some of the others.
    I also like that you’re following my blog! I’m delighted meet you and hear your thoughtful, no-nonsense points of view.


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  11. I’m a freshman in a college, and I’m absolutely agree with your view. I felt the same way on the first week, but then… I wear what I can wear. πŸ™‚

    I don’t really care about how people will think about my outfits. Moreover, outfits can’t really show your true identity.

    Thank you very much for this post.


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